Modern Living Room

Laminate Flooring

Modern, Affordable, Durable

Laminate Flooring can really help open up a living space, make the most of a rooms natural light & is very easy to maintain. With an average lifespan of 15-20 years, laminate is built to last. Pet friendly, scratch, dent, fade & stain resistant make it a practical choice for a busy home.

Its also a little known fact that Laminate vs wall to wall carpet increases the value of your property, Real Wood will increase the value further but incurs a higher outlay. If your looking to replace the flooring with the intention to sell or rent, then this may be a factor to consider.  

We supply and install a variety of acoustic & damp-proof underlays, laminate flooring, colour match door-bars, sealant and beading. Get in touch for a free estimate or for more info.



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